Saturday, August 28, 2010

An introduction of sorts...

I've found myself in the final semester of my college career with a ton of free time, a lack of motivation, and not a whole lot to look forward to. I'm a 23 year old biology major currently attempting to secure refuge from the job market in pharmacy school and I have to wonder how it all came to this?

When my class was entering college we were all smug in the belief that 30 minutes after graduation we would be contacted by a suited recruitment officer for some company/lab/what have you carrying a briefcase with our careers neatly tucked inside. In the intervening years that suited man has been trampled, gored, burned, and defenestrated and all that remains of the promise he once held is the battered briefcase which contains not job offers but massive debts. I myself will walk away from this program with 80,000 dollars in student loans, a number i find hard to grasp right now. The jobs I see, entry level positions which presumably would help me pay off this small mountain of dollars, are asking for five years of experience. five. years. You're telling me i need five years of experience to accurately measure out 100 microliters of <insert various compounds> and place into a test tube? Honestly? These jobs aren't the high profile, running serum tests on infants from Ethiopia or the like, but just average entry lab rat jobs. I'm assuming that these five years of experience you require is only there to lock out recent college grads.

I would continue this post but I just finished drowning my sorrows in cheap pints and fruit liquors, so I think I'll finish this particular train of thought tomorrow.

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