Sunday, August 29, 2010

Racism on the Rise as Fewer Jobs are Available?

All of these dealings with the mosque at the WTC and the 'public' outcry surrounding it really disgust me. Now before I get into this I am of Arab stock but I am by no means a Muslim, if I can claim to be anything it is an agnostic theist. That being said I feel every religion has either equal rights or no rights, if we let a select few have their way we've begun the transition into a theocracy with a handful of federally supported religions and we all know how well those end. It seems to me the majority of the 'whistle blowers' are either hardcore Christians or those imitating them to push a racist agenda. Why wasn't this outcry voiced earlier? There has been a mosque closer than the proposed one by the WTC for years, but only recently has there been any weight behind the grumblings. I personally feel this is another symptom of our worsening economy. With fewer people working you have those who have become so disillusioned, so embittered by the situation that they look for a convenient outlet. Enter the Muslim menace, responsible for 9/11, a continued war draining our economy and killing our people, and let's not forget the time honored 'they look different than us'.

Not so long ago you protestants were facing similar persecution throughout Europe yet how quickly you turn around and continue the cycle. For the Catholic faith, nothing like a new scapegoat to gloss over the flood of charges of child abuse, huh? Tell me, will you agree if the mosque by WTC won't be built that you will refrain from having any church with 5 miles of a school or child care center? Any logically minded person would think this is ridiculous, freedom of religion is a tenet of our society, and as such any of these proposed measures are out of line, not to mention they punish the many for the actions of a misguided few. You look at the media flaunted pictures of iraqi citizens in the street spewing hate and burning flags and decide instead of being the bigger man to devolve to their level?

Check out this news bit from the great state of Tennessee:

I understand the frustration and fear that everyone is feeling, you've got lenders breathing down your neck, children to feed, a car that keeps breaking down, all of these things but is it really worth trading your dignity for a useless outlet like this?

I'd like to have a discussion about this in the comments section if anyone is interested. Dissenting opinions are welcome we should all revel in the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution, speech and religion amongst them.

Introduction continued

To pick up where I left off, I'm a 23 year old biology major staring down the barrel of graduation with next to no prospects and a job market that continues to swan dive with every passing day. I'd like to use this blog to voice my thoughts and experiences tied into this recession and provide a running commentary on related news. Now that's not to say I won't from time to time post other things such as a song/game/etc. that's caught my eye, it's hard to stay on topic when the internet provides so many things.

 As a disclaimer these are just my views and opinions, I am not an economist, nor a political analyst, this is just how I see things.

Now on to the meat, posted below is a very interesting video from RSAnimate detailing the views of David Harvey, a sociologist, as to what led to the current crisis and why without radical reform we are doomed to repeat it. Give it a view if you have the time and sound off in the comments section below. I'm interested what other people think of this.

Obviously I just post whatever comes to my mind

An interesting watch

Saturday, August 28, 2010

An introduction of sorts...

I've found myself in the final semester of my college career with a ton of free time, a lack of motivation, and not a whole lot to look forward to. I'm a 23 year old biology major currently attempting to secure refuge from the job market in pharmacy school and I have to wonder how it all came to this?

When my class was entering college we were all smug in the belief that 30 minutes after graduation we would be contacted by a suited recruitment officer for some company/lab/what have you carrying a briefcase with our careers neatly tucked inside. In the intervening years that suited man has been trampled, gored, burned, and defenestrated and all that remains of the promise he once held is the battered briefcase which contains not job offers but massive debts. I myself will walk away from this program with 80,000 dollars in student loans, a number i find hard to grasp right now. The jobs I see, entry level positions which presumably would help me pay off this small mountain of dollars, are asking for five years of experience. five. years. You're telling me i need five years of experience to accurately measure out 100 microliters of <insert various compounds> and place into a test tube? Honestly? These jobs aren't the high profile, running serum tests on infants from Ethiopia or the like, but just average entry lab rat jobs. I'm assuming that these five years of experience you require is only there to lock out recent college grads.

I would continue this post but I just finished drowning my sorrows in cheap pints and fruit liquors, so I think I'll finish this particular train of thought tomorrow.